The future of hair and body care is here

The average person uses 790 shampoo bottles in a lifetime. That’s 790 more than you could ever need.

No time to waste

It's time to recognize the rise of eco-consciousness.

Climate change and protecting the environment ranked as the top personal concern among Gen Z adults worldwide.

Consumers increasingly factor sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly packaging into their purchasing decisions.

Nearly 60% of Americans consider themselves “conscious consumers.” That number is even higher globally.

A plastic-free solution your customers will thank you for

We offer a guilt-free solution to pampering yourself: a zero-plastic, just-add-water revolution. How? Ultra-concentrated, nutrient-dense, toxic-free hair and body bars for real results after just one use.

Be part of our sustainable mission

We want to create a world in which sustainable living is something you look forward to just as much as a long, slow weekend. It feels good, it’s peaceful, it’s easy and your worries don’t feel as heavy as they did during the week. It’s that relaxed state of bliss that we want to enhance your care rituals with.

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