How A Habitat Membership Works

Hannah and Jaymie started this business to make plastic-free, wholesome, vegan products available to everyone and to create a community of like-minded people. This means affordability too, of course.

The Habitat Membership program is the best of all worlds: AMAZING prices + plethora of other benefits + a community of incredible people.

On every product page there is a 20% off subscription option to join the membership program.

This gives you 20% off to try the products that you want. After your first order you get a whole lot more:

1. Get 20% Off For All Future Renewals;
2. Lower Carbon Footprint Than Driving To The Store;
3. Early Access To New Releases (i.e. Black Friday, almost always sells out);
4. Test new release items with us and tell us what you want us to come out with!

You also have full control. Here's what you can control after you sign up:

1. Full Control over your own subscription with just one click through an email;
2. A management dashboard for additional control;
3. Skip months (similar to pausing), cancel after you try it if you don't like it, or swap for new items;
4. Set the dates you want new product to come on;
5. Get reminder emails 3 days before every upcoming shipping period.