Habitat Bundle & Membership Management

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the fantastic plastic-free Habitat products you want, when you want them!


If you ordered a sample of our full bundle, your membership will renew with that bundle, on a monthly basis [see how to change it below]. 

If you ordered single items (anything other than the full bundle), your membership will renew on a quarterly basis. This reduces your carbon footprint by almost 70%, which is incredible!

Quarterly membership example – if you ordered a sample of deodorant, you'll get 3 deodorant every 3 months, instead of 1 deodorant every month.

This reduces deliveries and driving time, while still getting you the same amount of items you need. 

You can skip a month or a quarter any time you want - just see the directions below.


Customize your bundle:

If you don't need any product this month you can keep your lifetime discount, free items, and free shipping by... 

  1. Lowering the items in your membership to just what you need
  2. Adjusting the frequency that you get them to suit your needs
  3. Or skipping a month whenever you feel like it


Directions On How To Manage Your Subscription

If you created an account during the checkout process with your original order, click here to sign in

If you did not create an account please click here to register. Please use the same email address that you used with your original order. 

Inside your account, on the right hand side, click "Manage Subscription".


How To Skip A Month

1. Log in using the instructions above, click "Manage Subscription" and then you'll see a dashboard that looks like this... 

2. Click "Delivery Schedule" and you'll see your deliveries for each month.  
3. Now, just click "Skip" beside the month that you would like to skip!


How To Change Products In Your Bundle

1. Log in using the instructions above, click "Manage Subscription" and then you'll see a dashboard that looks like this...



2. Click "Subscriptions" and you'll see the current items you're subscribed to.

If you have a full bundle, it includes: Deodorant, Shampoo Bar, Conditioner Bar, Body Wash Bar, Lip Balm + a new Free Gift with every order. 

3. If you want to change what is in your subscription, start with clicking "Swap".

Next you'll see all the products you can choose from... 

4. Just click on the item you want. 


How To Add More Items To Your Membership

1. Similar to the instructions above, go to "Subscriptions" in your dashboard and click "Add Product".

2. It will bring up the same product area where you can choose which items you want to add!


Same day Cancellations

At the moment we have very limited supply and although we would like for everyone to try our products we can't give away free items if you're not planning to keep your membership.

So if you cancel your subscription before you receive the product and decide that it's not what you're looking for we'll refund and cancel your order and it will not be shipped.