Partner with us

Habitat Botanicals works with individuals, communities and organizations that align with us. We work together to promote what we stand for and believe in.


Alignment with our brand is an alignment with environmentalism, environmental innovation and a passion for health on an individual and community level, including our cruelty-free initiatives.


Jaymie, Hannah and everyone in Habitat Botanicals Team demonstrates these key attributes.


Our mission is to find the best solutions and make it easy for the general population to adopt them.


If you align with that and want to work together, here are our options…


Each ambassador relationship is different. All we care about is that you align with us.


If you’re a social influencer, blogger, have a good following on IG, YouTube, Facebook, etc we usually bring you into our community with a free ambassador membership (free products every month), free contests and giveaways to your audience, and we have an affiliate program we can chat about.


If you’re not an influencer but just align with us super well and you’re a member, we have a personally curated private Facebook group where we post confidential updates of behind the scenes and ask for your ideas, help, feedback, and send you new items to review. We’ll also hook you up with discounted or free stuff now and then for the help.  


Or maybe you own or work for a larger organization. All the above options still apply, and we can discuss more one-on-one.


Please contact Jaymie at and let us know a bit about yourself.