Why We’re Waterless (You’ll Never Go Back To Bottled After Reading This)

By Maria Lota Palomar 14/07/2022 3 Minute Read

We’re a super hydrated team. We even send daily reminders to each other to have a glass throughout the day (talk about a real #ReplyChug). Speaking of, consider this your reminder to fill up your cup if you haven’t already. We’re fortunate to have clean, running water at our disposal, which is why we choose not to waste this precious resource. You won’t find water on our ingredient lists, because it does far more harm than good to our planet. We see waterless personal care as the future, as it helps us stick to our core beliefs of sustainability while honoring the cleanest ingredients for max efficacy. So cheers to water in your cup and in your shower instead of taking up 80% to 95% of the concentration of your hair and body care products.

1. Reduces our carbon footprint (aka the total amount of greenhouse gasses we generate by 50%!)

We don’t just call ourselves the eco-friendliest care brand for nothing. Long Wknd bars are smaller, lighter and more compact than the bottled hair and body care you may be used to. Since we’ve reduced the size of our packaging and gone entirely plastic-free, we have more room on our truck to fit more of our small-batch, made-with-love bars. This reduces the amount of fuel that's being used to transport them since we have less trips to take, which reduces the amount of emissions, carbon and air pollutants we produce by half. This also eliminates the need for caps or pumps which typically dispose of liquid products but aren’t recycling or waste friendly. By going waterless, we’re helping reduce over 120 billion units of packaging that goes to waste every year by the beauty industry, that pollutes our planet and takes over 400 years to decompose. So go ahead and pat yourself on your back if you’re already team bars over bottles.

2. Quicker, realer results (when compared to the traditional, diluted, less concentrated, bottled variety)

Our filler-free bars are ultra-concentrated and undiluted so your hair and skin can absorb and reap the benefits of the hand-selected nutrients, vitamins, oils and clays we’ve intentionally packed them with. We went straight to the source with plant-based powerhouses like shea butter, aloe, colloidal oat and cacao seed butter (just to name a few) for a new standard of moisture and nourishment. A little bit truly goes a long way because our ingredients aren’t watered down. The result? Hair and skin that look and feel revived after just one use - but don’t just take our word for it. Check out these reviews from loyal long wkndrs to see for yourself.

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Deodorant Deodorant


Here's a breakthrough: a natural, plastic-free deodorant that actually keeps up with your active lifestyle.

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Body Wash Bar

Body Wash Bar

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Fresh Citrus
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Lip Balm
Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Protect, moisturize, and nourish dry, cracked lips even in the driest of conditions.

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3. Travel-friendly for all of our friends with wanderlust

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your morning and night routine just because you’re going on vacation. On-the-go, frequent fliers can rejoice with our space-saving, waterless bars which can be brought with you, wherever you’re headed. Whether you’re on the road traveling from coast to coast, hiking up in the mountains to camp or in the skies making your way to an exotic island, you can do so without dripping, exploding, leaking or spilling your A.M. & P.M. sustainable shower routines. Traditional bottled care products are inconvenient, bulky and have TSA restrictions (talk about cheugy). Our bars are easy to pack in your luggage, suitcase, beach bag or gym bag so you can say so long to the spillage and goodbye to ugly messes in your bags for good!

4. Completely banishes the need for yucky preservatives 🤮

Since water is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus to live their very best lives, bottled hair and body care products are forced to add chemical preservatives, which are known irritants and carcinogens, to help “remedy” this. They also include a slew of other synthetics which are added to give the desired water texture and add thickness. All of which travel down our showers and enter our waterways harming marine and human life. At the end of this process, they wind up with a polluted, diluted and plastic-packaged concoction filled with toxic ingredients that deliver bleak results. It was essential we removed water from the mix so we didn’t have a water-rich environment we needed to tend to where the nasties could thrive and survive. Instead, we use plant-based oils like sunflower and grapeseed for powerful absorption into your strands and skin.

5. Helps protect a precious resource

By 2025, around 5 billion people, ⅔ of the world’s population, will be affected by water shortage. For decades, water has been an inexpensive and readily available filler ingredient in the personal care space. Our ingredients not only protect your skin and hair, but also this valuable resource too. We want to save and protect it wherever we can. By preserving water, we get to lower our water footprint and yours too. Now, if we could just limit our time showering….

Water is at the heart of life and is often taken for granted. Our goal is to innovate the personal care space with solutions that protect our tomorrows. By going waterless, we hope to inspire the conventional hair and body care industry to make better choices that positively impact our planet and the people who use them. So, will you make the switch to our long-lasting, plastic-free, waterless, affordable, eco-conscious bars? 

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