5 Reasons Why You Need To Make The Eco-Friendly Shower Switch

By Maria Lota Palomar 01/07/2022 3 Minute Read

What does selfless self-care really mean? Well, we believe that you can indulge and pamper yourself without harming the planet, animals or your ethics in the process. That means you get to enjoy plant-based and sustainable shampoo, conditioner and body wash that’s from the earth and goes back to the earth when you’re done - all without leaving a trace. Pretty cool right? And that’s not all.

1. Say Peace Out To Plastic

So long wasteful plastic bottles, and hello to zero-waste shampoo & conditioner bars. This astronomical stat alone will have you rethinking your current shower products: if current plastic trends continue, roughly 12 billion metric tons of it will be in landfills by 2050. That’s not even the most disturbing part - only around 9% of all plastic has ever been recycled.That means 91% of all plastic isn’t recycled. Let that sink in. Luckily, our pucks of plant-based goodness not only minimize the waste in your shower but on the planet too.

2. Get More Product, For Less $$

Would you like some shampoo with that bottle of water? Unfortunately, the first ingredient in bottled hair care products is water which can be 70-80% of the concentration. Our shampoo and conditioner bars provide roughly three times the amount of product that traditional shampoo and conditioner bottles do because they aren’t watered down. That means you can enjoy 70-80 washes that can last an average of 2-3 months (your wallet will thank you). We included only the essentials and removed anything that wouldn’t enhance our formula. You don’t need diluted ingredients, you need ultra-concentrated ones to get the job done. That’s why we choose to save water wherever we can because every amount makes a difference on your hair.

Make the switch to sustainable products today →

Deodorant Deodorant


Here's a breakthrough: a natural, plastic-free deodorant that actually keeps up with your active lifestyle.

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Body Wash Bar
Body Wash Bar

Body Wash Bar

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Lip Balm
Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Protect, moisturize, and nourish dry, cracked lips even in the driest of conditions.

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3. Save Shower Space

Decluttering your life can feel pretty good especially if you have a shower that the whole family uses. Just ask organizational expert Marie Kondo, and she’ll tell you that tidying makes a world of a difference on your mental state. Less clutter in your environment means a less cluttered mind. For us, that means more washes and less space by recycling your plastic bottles and replacing them with our space-saving, package-free, lightweight bars. Not only will your bathroom look cleaner, but you’ll have more precious shelf space by tossing those mismatched, crusty, old bottles. We promise, they were never a good look anyway.

4. Enjoy Worry-Free Travel

Picture this: you’re unpacking at your hotel and open up your luggage to find your spilled and soiled shampoo and conditioner leaking all over your new vacation clothing. Talk about a tragedy. Our super compact shampoo and conditioner bars ensure that this never happens, so you never have to worry about potential spillage, whether you're camping, going to the gym or vacationing. Our bars are also TSA-approved, so they’re perfect for carry-on travel, which means no panics at the airport (well, just not about your hair and body care at least). The best part? They help prevent the waste of those single-use, individual-sized shampoos and conditioners at your hotel that are usually filled with chemicals and underdeliver in terms of helping your hair thrive.

5. Always Vegan & Toxin-Free

Many liquid shampoo and conditioners contain harmful animal-derived chemicals, sulfates and silicones that strip the hair of its natural oils, which leave your scalp feeling dry and irritated. These chemicals then get washed down the drain and end up in our waterways, harming both humans and animals. We formulated our bars with a blend of plant-based botanicals, keeping the oceans, wildlife and ecosystems in mind. That’s why we only use natural oils, vitamins and minerals like cocoa seed oil and aloe vera to nourish and hydrate your hair and body.

Ready for convenient, simple, plant-powered products without the waste, that are gentle on your body, hair and bank account?

Then it looks like you’re ready to shop the Sustainable Shower Swap.

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